Vince Bruce

Not so much a collaboration as one man, from the UK embracing the US western lifestyle. Sadly no longer with us Vince whose mother Penny still lives a stones throw from me in the UK is one of those people who it is a priviledge and an honour to know as being so typical of her generation. Her son was equally as determined to make a success as one of the foremost ‘cowboy’ entertainers of his generation.

From the start it seemed that Vince Bruce was careening up life’s one-way street the wrong way, blazing a trail of contradictions. Cowboys come from America, Vince comes from England. Cowboys are Sturdy, if Vince was to turn sideways, you’d miss him. It was a chance meeting of Wild West rodeo star Tex McLeod that first put a lasso in Vince’s hands and Vince’s typically British father first taught him how to use it.” Starring Vince Bruce, The Wizard of Whips and Ropes, double World Record holder, Winner of the I.T.F.R.A. Championship and Rope and Whip Master.

The Vince Bruce Website

Vince Bruce – New York Times Obituary


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