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Over the last few weeks a few people have made various comments about how new residents of the Park should be encouraged to join in the various activities and events on the Park.

It should be borne in mind that in the last 10 years the nature of the Residents of Colonial Mobile Manor has drastically changed. Where 10 years ago the vast majority of residents on the Park were ‘Snowbirds’, this has swung drastically to a majority of full time residents, many of whom work. So in all honesty they have little or no interest in Activities on the Park and see it simply as a place to live.

So to all those with ideas about how to encourage new residents to get involved, I would simply say: By all means go ahead and try out your ideas, but don’t expect others to implement your suggestions if you, yourself are not prepared to throw your hat in the ring.

It has been made very clear via the Tattler, the Ladies Club Welcome Letter, the Bulletin Board in front of the Clubhouse and this website that ALL Park Residents are welcome to participate in all events organised by the Activity Club, the Ladies Club and the Red Hats.

All residents are encouraged to join the Home Owners Association, for a small annual subscrition, and support it, in order to raise various issues with the Park Management.

It should perhaps be remembered by the Park Management, who seem so keen on encouraging Residents participation in events that those organizing the events do so because they choose to, BUT are under NO obligation or duty to do so!

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Lunch at Popi’s IV and visit to the New Library February 8th 2012


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