Site ‘Twinning’

As many of the Park Residents are aware the editor of the CMM website is not a US resident, but from the UK.

Back in the UK we’ve all seen the town twinning with our European neighbors and further afield.

A similar thing does exist in the USA its called Sister Cities and having looked at the Sister Cities International Directory there do seem to be many links.

Well thinking on a smaller scale, I thought it was about time to twin a website with another that speaks something like the same language.

So my choice is Jaywick Clacton-on-Sea Essex England. Mainly because I have some input into both.

This may seem an odd choice, but Jaywick and CMM have several things in common. They both started as places for hoilday homes, Jaywick as a summer location for Londoners and CMM as a winter place for ‘Snowbirds’ escaping the rigors of the northern US states.

Both for many years dominated by seniors just out to have a good time.

But both now predominently residential and in some ways suffering for that very fact.




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